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The height of a Great Pyrenees should be slightly less than its bodys length to create a balanced. However this huge furball is a climber not a swimmer named for the Pyrenees Mountains on the SpanishFrench border this high-endurance breed as soon as guarded flocks of sheep on the mountainside.

Great Pyrenees Dog Breed Information Great Pyrenees Dog Great Pyrenees Dog Breeds

The Great Pyrenees is a large thickly coated and immensely powerful working dog bred to deter sheep-stealing wolves and other predators on snowy.

Great pyrenees. The Great Pyrenees is a massive breed with males towering over 27 to 32 inches and females between 25 to 29 inches. Male Great Pyrenees average between 27 and 32 inches in height. They weigh between 100 to 160 pounds and given their striking looks and size they make great dogs for a number of reasons.

The standard fully-grown height of the Great Pyrenees ranges from 27 to 32 inches for males and 25 to 29 inches for females according to American Kennel Club. Female dogs are generally smaller than male dogs so you cannot use the same Great Pyrenees growth chart for them. A fully-grown Great Pyrenees either male or female should already have reached their adult height at the age of 18 months.

Weights start at 100 pounds 45 kilograms. The Great Pyrenees is a very old breed that probably descended from the first flock guardian dogs which were large white dogs that existed in Asia Minor about 10000 bc. Females range in height from 25 to 29 inches with weights starting at 85 pounds 38 kilograms.

They are likely descents of guardian dogs that were in Asia Minor around 10000 bc. 8302018 The Great Pyrenees was officially recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1933. 1032019 The Great Pyrenees Club of Americas breeder referral list is a great place to start your search for a puppy.

4232021 The Great Pyrenees is known for its humongous size which naturally can seem intimidating to some. In Europe this pup is known as the Pyrenean Mountain Dog. Around the year 3000 bc nomadic shepherds went to the Pyrenees mountains and brought their guarding dogs with them.

However if you are looking for a rescue you will find many local organizations devoted to saving and re-homing Pyrs by searching online. Ask it here or in the comments and you could be in our. The Great Pyrenees growth rate for puppies from birth to full maturity typically spans 18-24 months.

10222020 Great Pyrenees have been around for centuries. 3112021 Great Pyrenees Weight Chart. It is important to note that male and female dogs are not the same size.

222021 If you ever wished to take a polar bear dwelling from the zoo with you the miniature Great Pyrenees is perhaps the next smartest thing. When nomadic shepherds brought their sheep to the Pyrenees Mountains around 3000 bc their flock guarding dogs came with them forming the basis of the Great Pyrenees breed. The Great Pyrenees is a calm well-mannered serious dog known for his great devotion to family including well-behaved children.

However this dog is very affectionate and loyal and has a laid-back attitude that will make the best companion to your family. Physically these puppies grow rapidly in height and length for the first 8-9 months then those growth rates slow somewhat while the adolescent Great Pyr. Great Pyrenees are large dogs with females weighing 85 pounds and up and males weighing 100 pounds or more.

Httpbitly1obXGhBAlso have a question for our dog expert Dr. Bred to guard livestock it has strong protective instincts and can also make a great family dog or companion. Measuring at the withers male Pyrenees are between 27 and 32 inches tall and females are between 25 and 29 inches tall.

We have built a growth chart for your Great Pyrenees to help guide your through your pups development. It is a very attractive breed with a steady temperament and ready to defend anything it deems needs defending. See MORE breeds here.

3302021 The Great Pyrenees is a large to giant purebred with talents that include sledding carting and guarding.

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