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Today they are an increasingly popular pet too. In general blue heeler canines are great with children and are highly intelligent making them easily trainable.

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The Blue Heeler originated breed from Australia The Blue Heeler is very popular owing to herding abilities and hard stamina.

Blue heeler dog. Blue Heelers may also be known by the name Australian Cattle Dog. It is a suitable pet for people who like adventure. But mixing this incredible stamina with the genes of other breeds that bring different qualities to the table create unique offsprings.

Blue Heelers dog Blue lived 29 years 5 days. You can now learn everything from the oldest Blue Heeler dog to the celebrity with the Australian Cattle dog. They received their name as Heelers owing to their habit of nipping at the heels of a cattle while herdingBlue Heeler is a independent obedient patient.

Their coats and eyes have carried patterns and colors and here is a fun fact Catahoulas are the only dogs that are believed to originate from Louisiana. Straight from the outback they are widely known as Heelers for their habit of nipping at the heels of cattle. 11252019 Their dense weather-resistant coats come blue blue mottled blue speckled or red speckled both with possible dark or tan markings.

A Blue Heeler dog can make for a wonderful pet since this breed tends to be very loyal affectionate and full of personality. According to the Regional Director of the Australian Cattle Dog Club of America the Blue Heeler is an excellent companion especially for people with type-A personalities. Australian Cattle Dogs that are red are called Red Heelers.

According to the Guinness World Record the oldest dog of the day is an Australian Cattle dog. 8152020 The Blue Heeler dog also known as the Australian Cattle Dog is one of the most energetic hardworking and loyal breeds you can own. The Catahoula Leopard often ranges from medium to large builds and has a short coat.

2262020 Australian Cattle Dogs and Blue Heelers are exactly the same dog. 1022019 The Blue Heeler is a unique and special herding dog from Australia. Blue Heeler is a Cattle Dog that has origins in Australia.

These resilient herders are intelligent enough. The term Blue Heeler refers to Australian Cattle Dogs that are blue. 10242019 The Blue Heeler also known as the Australian Cattle Dog is an active smart working dog characterized by extreme loyalty to his or her people.

They are proper working dogs bred to guard flocks of sheep and cattle from danger and raise the alarm. 8112020 Quick Facts About Blue Heelers. The name Blue Heeler refers to the Australian Cattle Dog.

This is an explanation including a pictorial guide of all possible colors and variations. A Blue heeler also called a red heeler- known for its coat color variations is a wonderful breed that was selectively bred to herd cattle and today it is still known for being a very energetic and active dog type in the herding dog breed. 8282020 The names Red Heeler Blue Heeler and Queensland Heeler are synonymous with each other.

They created a unique tough hard working dog suited to the outback. They have amazing ability to control the movement of cows to pasture by leaping and nipping at their heels. 11282020 Also known at the Australian Cattle Dog or Queensland Heeler the Blue Heeler dog is a clever high energy breed that needs to be kept busy.

However beneath their hard-bitten exterior lies a loyal intelligent and brave dog with a great sense of fun. This is a hard working herding dog that can cover long distances over rough terrain. The compact but muscular Australian Cattle Dog also called Blue Heeler or Queensland Heeler is related to Australias famous wild dog the Dingo.

542021 A Catahoula Blue Heeler dog comes from the Catahoula Leopard and Australian Cattle Blue Heeler parents. 8292019 Pictures of Blue Heelers often show a rough sometimes scruffy dog perfectly suited for life in the tough Australian outback. They were originally bred by settlers in Australia who crossed their dogs with dingos.

More often than not the Australian cattle dog generic name is often confused with having 3 different breeds which is not the case. They make great farm and ranch dogs with their hard-working nature and can also compete in Obedience and Agility sports because of their intelligence. Blue Heeler dog breed is extremely loyal intelligent gorgeous as well as affectionate and as it is not a solitary dog Blue Heelers do not like to be left alone.

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