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The Border Collie is considered a highly intelligent extremely energetic acrobatic and athletic dogThey frequently compete with great success in sheepdog trials and a range of dog sports like dog obedience disc dog herding and. The Blue Merle Bordoodle is among the most desirable colorings of this Border Collie Poodle mix.

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These are very rare dogs and every dog lover is looking to breed these dogs.

Border collie blue merle. While this is the case there are steps and tests that can be taken to ensure that your dog will grow up fine. 6 males and 2 females 1 x blue merle female- 1500 2 x blue merle males- 1200 1 x tri coloured female-. Genetics can be tricky and complicated but to simply put it a dogs coat color is a result of two base colors a dominant and a recessive gene that it will inherit from its parents.

The blue merle Border Collie is a total looker. 2272019 Blue merle border collie puppies like all puppies may be challenging to train but its more than possible and will pay dividends in the future. Risks in Breeding Blue Merle Border Collie.

It is due to the dominant M allele in heterozygous genes bearing the color blue as a dilution of the black color due to the presence of this diluent gene. 1192021 Blue Merle Border Collie At A Glance. However something about the depth of colors in blue merle especially when paired with blue eyes in the exceptionally intense stare of a Border Collie.

Like other Border collies blue merle Border collies have innate herding instincts making them perfect dogs for people who are looking to keep livestock under control or who love working in farm settings. According to the American Kennel Club border collies rank 35 out of 186 breeds. Their boundless energy work ethic and ability to learn fast are some of the top traits why many farmers believe they are invaluable breeds.

Feb 6 2021 - Explore Michael Shayers board Border collie blue merle. 11222019 Blue Merle Border Collie breeding. However there are rumors about this pattern causing specific issues for these dogs.

The Blue Merle Border Collies provided by Rising Sun Farm are world class dogs that have gained international recognition for their performance. See more ideas about border collie blue merle border collie collie. These dogs have a white chest with grey or blue fur.

For breeders to get a blue merle Border Collie one of its parents should be carrying the merle geneWhat it does is take a dominant color like. This coat pattern and color was previously not accepted by many farmers and shepherd because it resembled the markings of a wolf. This is responsible for melanin dilution and the production of a unique.

The Border Collie is a working and herding dog breedThey come from the Anglo-Scottish border region and are used to herd livestock specifically sheep. In most of the blue merle collies there is one blue and one brown eye. The Blue Merle Border color is a striking mid-sized herding dog known for its beautiful merle coloring and sharp herding eyes.

It has the same incredible work ethic intelligence and energy as any other colored Border Collie. 5182021 The blue merle Border Collie is a unique type of this dog breed sporting a fun coat pattern while keeping all the characteristics of a great herding dog. 6162020 Blue merle Border Collie.

They commonly have a white chest and an overall gray coat with some patches of black on their ears face back and tail. Are there things you need to know before getting a blue merle Border. 4282020 Border Collies come in a wide range of colors from lilac to gold with patterns from black and tan to sable.

3132021 A Blue Merle Border Collie is just like your regular colored Border Collie but with just a caveat that merle colored dogs are predisposed to deafness. For a pup to possess this color one of its parents should carry the merle gene or the incomplete gene. 4222020 The blue merle pattern is usually a combination of white blue and tan colors that generate patches of those colors across the dogs entire body.

Blue merle Border Collie breeders as weve touched upon should avoid breeding merles with one another. The merle gene may also impact the puppys eyes or skin color. Blue merle is actually one of the rarest Border Collie coat colors.

These blue merle Border collies have blue or brown eyes. 4122021 Blue merle Border collies are the rare and unique coat color collie dogs. 8 beautiful blue merle and border collie pups for sale.

Is there truth to these claims. 5122019 The blue merle Border Collie is a clever herding dog with ancient roots. They are highly active and hard-working loyal athletic and intelligent.

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