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The Irish Water Spaniel is one of the oldest and most distinctive spaniels. The Irish Water Spaniel Association IWSA is a Kennel Club registered Breed Club promoting the interests of the IWS through its various events and through the publication of its Members Year Book and Newsletters.

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The body is of medium length the whole dog being slightly rectangular in appearance.

Irish water spaniel. The American Kennel Club recognized the breed in 1884. Sometimes called the best kept secret of the dog world it is the largest of the spaniels bred originally to be a gundog for retrieving fowl both on water and land. Irish Water Spaniels need plenty of vigorous exercise including retrieving and swimming.

Typical Irish Water Spaniel in the spring garden. The Irish Water Spaniel Poodle Standard Mix is a mixed breed dog resulting from breeding the Irish Water Spaniel and the Poodle Standard. Breeders of Merit are denoted by level in ascending order of.

7312020 Irish Water Spaniels are one of the tallest spaniels registered with the AKC. Seizures have been reported in some Irish Water Spaniels and skin or food allergies are somewhat common in the breed. We here at TARA KENNELS are proud to be wardens for two rare breeds Irish Water Spaniels and Sussex Spaniels for over 30 years.

The coat consisting of dense curls sheds very littleThe colour is liverpuce and has a very definite purple hue unlike the colour of any other known breed. He varies in personality more than some other breeds but most are bold inquisitive and eager to play. Continued references to the Irish Water Spaniel can be found from 1600 on.

First recognized by the AKC in 1884 the Irish Water Spaniel IWS is intelligent athletic and versatile. They were bred as gundogs in Ireland so they excel at locating and retrieving game particularly waterfowl. Aside from being brave and hardworking hunting companions theyre also playful and love family life.

The Irish Water Spaniel was bred to retrieve water birds and upland game including doves. The Irish Water Spaniel is a sturdy cobby dog native to Ireland. That is why we health test all of our breeding stock with the breed recommended CHIC.

Is hugged by a woman on day four of the Crufts dog show at. The Irish Water Spaniel is built like no other spaniel being much taller and racier. Irish Water Spaniel Portrait of Adult Dog.

Standard Bronze Silver Gold and Platinum. Irish Water Spaniel Puppies. The Irish Water Spaniel is known for being alert active and quick.

The tallest of the spaniels with a unique quizzical expression the Irish Water Spaniel has a distinct purposeful presence. And best of all they dont shed much hair. Dogs resembling them are depicted in manuscripts from 1000 years ago.

The centuries of breeding that have contributed to their retrieving skills have also instilled in them a desire to. The gait is smooth and ground-covering. Top dog Woods a 19-month-old male Irish Water Spaniel from Birstall Leicester proudly displays his medal after being named Pup of the Year.

In the 1100s mention is made of dogs called Shannon Spaniels Rat-Tail Spaniels Whip-Tail Spaniels or Irish Water Spaniels. We care that every dog from here is the best it can be. The non-shedding characteristic of the coat means that people usually allergic to dogs might have less of an allergic.

Typical Irish Water Spaniel on a green grass lawn. IWS have powerful endurance and bold eagerness enlivened by a clownish sense of humor. Both of these dogs can be friendly but personalities differ so you never know.

Irish Water Spaniels are highly intelligent active willing and energetic. 10222019 The Irish Water Spaniel Club of America which is the national parent club for the breed in the United States recommends that all Irish Water Spaniels be tested for hip and elbow dysplasia eye disease and thyroid health. Irish Water Spaniel Association.

The general appearance suggests both dash and endurance. The 1800s saw the Irish Water Spaniel make its appearance in America where it was used to hunt ducks. 5282021 The Irish Water Spaniel is considered to be a rare breed and is the tallest of the Spaniels.

Typical Irish Water Spaniel in the spring garden. An Irish Water Spaniel named Kandrelli Jack Snipe. Typical Irish Water Spaniel in the garden.

Irish Water Spaniel Puppy. This breed was exceedingly popular in 1875 but over the years has been replaced in favor of the Labrador Retriever. They originated in Ireland in the mid 1800s for use as game retrieval from water as well as land.

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