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The Black Russian terrier is much more keen on receiving attention from people and is often noted as being mostly indifferent to other dogs unless threatened or provoked. Males Females Available 6 months old.

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On July 1 2004 the Black Russian Terrier was admitted to full membership in the AKC Working.

Black russian terrier. They are known for their courage confidence and. He is active but dignified and will delight in joining you. Black Russian Terrier Puppies.

In May 1984 the breed was recognized by the FCI with Standard 327 Black Russian Terrier. The Black Russian Terrier BRT is of upper medium and tall height strong enduring courageous self-assured with square or approximately square frame. It adapts well to different climatic conditions is easily trained and has a balanced character.

Its majestic black beauty and well-muscled large-boned frame inevitably attract high attention at any national or world dog show. The Black Russian Terrier also known as Tchiorny Terrier is a large dog with a thick all-black coat. Its average weight is 80 to 130 pounds while its height is around 27 to 30 inches for males and 26 to 29 inches for females.

Although breeders now also consider the need for their dogs to be a good companion the BRT still maintains its protective nature. The Black Russian Terrier is to the Red Army what the Malinois is to the French Army. Patty Bartley Colorado Springs CO 80929.

They are big solid dogs that are often used to guard businesses but their temperament is such that they can also be good family dogs more later on temperament. The Black Russian Terrier is a large immensely powerful worker of heavy bone and coarse all-black coat. It might catch you by surprise to learn that such a big dog can prove so adaptable but its been noted that the BRT does well even in apartmentsas long as you provide daily exercise and sufficient mental.

Within several years the Red Star kennel. It is believed that about 17 breeds were used in its development including the Airedale the Giant Schnauzer the Rottweiler the Newfoundland the Caucasian Shepherd Dog and other breeds. 5272021 The Black Russian Terrier is a large size dog with square or slightly stretched frame efficient easily adaptable to different climatic conditions and owners life-style intelligent well trainable.

The Black Russian Terrier is strong of body and mind. Is quickly gaining popularity in Europe and North America. 11252019 The Black Russian Terrier is a fairly new breed and not all that common.

542021 By 1955 the Black Russian Terrier had been standardized enough to be unveiled to the public at a show in Moscow. The Black Russian Terrier has all the ability of the German Shepherd Dog without the undue aggression. It is classified as a working dog which can live for 10 to 12 years.

3102019 The Black Russian Terrier which is also known as the Chornyi Terrier is a breed of highly intelligent and confident working dogs that was originated in the Soviet Union Russia in Red Star Kennel during the mid 20th Century. This is a large-boned and well-muscled dog strong and agile to traverse rocky terrain or overtake an. If its important for you to have a dog that greets everyone like a long-lost friend you should consider another breed.

3112021 The Black Russian Terrier dog breed was developed in the former USSR in Red Star Krasnaya Zvezda Kennel by the state for use as a militaryworking dogs. 1202021 An imposing breed the Black Russian Terrier was designed for protection tasks and to go into combat situations. The Black Russian Terrier BRT commonly known as Black Terrier or KGB dog.

This large Russian dog definitely represents one of the top Russian dog breeds. 64 6 329 4753. The only breeder of Black Russian Terriers in New Zealand.

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