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But in reality there are many small dog breeds weight ranging from 2-22 lbs that are extremely intelligent too. So lets not waste another minute.

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The miniature variety typical weighs in at.

Small breed dogs. 8182020 One of the most well-known and well-liked small dog breeds French Bulldogs or Frenchies are playful fun-loving and absolutely adorable. Overall a wonderful small dog breed for families and individuals alike. Small and muscular these dogs are prone to obesity but with regular exercise can maintain good health.

11142008 The small-framed Bichon Fris. They are easy to carry take up less space fit into any vehicle and dont need a lot of food. Corgis grow to around 30cm and 14kg and are an extremely affectionate companion dog.

232021 Pugs Boston Terriers French Bulldogs and more sometimes smaller dogs are the ones with the biggest personalities. Known for its white puffy coat and curious name the Bichon Fris. They are cute fluffy white hypoallergenic low-shedding and can accommodate apartment living well.

1182021 The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is another amazing small dog breed and is a favourite of the Queen who has bred ten generations to date. 4132019 Chihuahua dog breed is known as the worlds smallest dog breed Chihuahua additionally has one in all the most important personalities once it involves canines. 252020 Even though all poodles are considered one extremely intelligent breed they come in three sizes.

Miniature Bulldog Cross Breed. 1202021 Another ancient breed pugs were the preferred dogs of the Chinese emperors and Hollands royal House of Orange. Check out the American Kennel Clubs list of smallest dog breeds including the Chihuahua Pomeranian Maltese and more.

Links to Breed-Specific Articles Click on the photo to be taken to the breed profile page. Affectionate Alert Independent Intelligent Loving. 392021 Breed Characteristics In general dogs that weigh around 20 pounds or less are considered small.

Friendly Loving Loyal Playful Gentle. Dogs less than 25 pounds Some on this list may end up being slightly larger Popular and Rare Breeds. Not all small dog breeds love being lap dogs and many have more energy than some of their large canine counterparts.

More Information About Chihuahua. Their sweet loving couch-potato nature makes them a perfect companion for less-active owners. Standard miniature and toy.

Lets talk about the 13 smartest small dogs because when it comes to intelligence big dogs often get all of the credit. Pictures of every small dog that barks and runs. Gets along well with children and other animals.

Is considered an active easily trained dog. Welcome to Small Dog Breeds. 2202020 It ranks among the best small dog breeds for active homes able to strike just the right balance between having fun and curling up on the couch.

Confident Energetic Friendly Inquisitive Intelligent. Today were going to discuss the 13 smartest small dog breeds as well as what makes them so smart. Low maintenance little dogs include Chihuahuas Beagles Boston Terriers and Pugs.

Bold Fearless Friendly Self-confidence. DiNardo says these dogs are. But not all small dogs are equal when it comes to temperament care or health issues.

So whilst size is a great starting point for your puppy journey there is a lot more to consider. Some small breeds are very compact and low to the ground while others can be relatively tall and lanky. 11172020 Small dog breeds make great pets.

Or if youre searching for a manicured pup who will thrive on lots of care you might instead consider a Toy Poodle Shi Tzu Bichon Frise Maltese or Yorkshire Terrier. Alert Gentle Intelligent Lively Quick. There are 60 small dog breeds in our list.

And if youre searching for the perfect canine companion by looking into the best small dog breeds you have a wide variety of dogs to choose from. Our purpose is to inform and collect the best information profiles. 212021 The Small Dog Breed List contains.

They are ideal for town pets however confine the mind that theyre this small that theyre not appropriate for rough games.

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