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They arent the type of pup you can leave at home for long periods but they arent the best choice for bringing along with you to the office either. These mischievous little rascals are extra busy always wanting to be part of the action.

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Schipperke. The Schipperke is a small Belgian purebred dog that is known as LBD or Little Black Devil because of its intensely black coat. It is a small version of another Belgian sheepdog the Leauvenaar. First mention of the schipperke was by a monk in the 1400s.

Schipperke Puppies For Sale. In appearance he is a small thickset cobby black tailless dog with a fox-like face. 7192019 The Schipperke is simply adorable with its bright eyes foxy-looking face and curious personality.

The curious adventurous Schipperke is a known escape artist and should never be trusted off leash. We are a community of dog lovers committed to helping you find the perfect puppy for your experience level family and home. With adequate exercise the Schipperke can adapt to apartment living.

382021 The Belgian shepherd dog is a small companion that has proved its worth over time in military and civilian fields. It is well known for its role on barges on the canals where it would act as a guard dog. 4292021 Schipperke Belgian dog breed that originated in Flanders several centuries ago and was used for many years as a guard on barges.

The dog is square in profile and. Find Schipperke Puppies and Breeders in your area and helpful Schipperke information. The schipperke little captain is descended from a black shepherd dog the Leauvenaar which also gave rise to the Belgian sheepdog.

The Schipperke was bred in Flanders by a canal boat captain named Renssens. In 1690 guild workers in Brussels held a show featuring the schipperke known as the spits or spitske. The Schipperke temperament is an apt one but its not an easy one for people who want a lapdog or other pet that is convenient for a few minutes of attention daily.

A short thickset tailless dog. However it was also used as a sheepdog and by tradespeople as ratters. That said with the right techniques this is a breed that can excel in advanced obedience and competition.

The Schipperke is a small sturdy dog square-proportioned appearing to slope from shoulders to hindquarters. 242020 The Schipperke is a surprisingly high-drive dog that excels at dog sports and enjoys a good game of chase or fetch in the yard. Their fox-like face can appear questioning and mischievous even impudent.

All Schipperke found here are from AKC-Registered parents. The Schipperke is an agile active watchdog and hunter of vermin. Thought to be descended from the same sheep-herding stock as the black Belgian Sheepdog the Schipperke was bred smaller and smaller to became a different breed entirely.

Schipperkes are full of energy and lots of fun to be around. The schipperke is an old Belgian breed that dates back several hundred years. These dogs are there to work with you and they prefer to be in constant communication even if they are not always visible.

3302021 The Schipperke is a small purebred from Belgium regarded by some as a Spitz type dog and by others as a miniature sheepdog. 1202021 The Schipperke can be an independent breed so owners may find that their relationship is a series of negotiations rather than one of blind obedience. Formerly referred to as Spitzke the Schipperke exudes so much energy and as such is known for its agility.

This appearance is helped by their double coat. The Schipperke should always be kept on-leash for he is an extremely fast agile independent chaser of anything that moves or in a secure yard preferably supervised because his ingenuity and climbingdigging skills may send him over or under the fence. The Schipperke is busy busy busy and seldom walks when he can trot or scamper.

While the black schipperke is the most preferred variety the dog comes in other colors like cream fawn brown tan and even blue.

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