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1112019 The Akbashnamed after the Turkish word for white headis an ancient herding breed from Turkey. Although the Akbash Dog is the Turkish counterpart to other white guardian breeds native to the northern Mediterranean Basin he is the only breed to have the.

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It is believed that this breed is the Turkish counterpart of other white guardian breeds such as the Great Pyrenees the Kuvasz and the Maremma dog found in the northern Mediterranean Basin.

Akbash. The Akbash Dog is a Livestock Guardian Dog LGD that is suited for a narrow range of people. The Akbash Dog is an ancient breed native to western Turkeys plains and mountains where he was bred by villagers and shepherds to guard livestock from wolves and other predators. A region in Western Asia that now covers territories of Turkey Iran and Iraq.

The Akbash Dog is slightly longer in proportion than tall has a wedge-shaped head with pendant ears and a long tail usually carried in a curl over the back when the dog is moving or excited. It is an old and traditional breed of livestock guardian dog used to protect the herds from predators in the nugged terrain of inland Turkey. 3112021 The Akbash dog is a beautiful breed of dog which is native to Turkey.

142021 The beautiful substantial Akbash is a loyal breed that is great with children and unflinchingly devoted to their family. A native of Turkey the Akbash dog dates back to 750 to 300 BC according to the reports. 10222020 Akbash dogs are a rare breed outside of Turkey.

The Akbash is a rare purebred dog from the country of Turkey. Character The Akbash is a very loyal and alert dog with a natural guarding instinct. 10162020 The akbash is the largest of the Turkish guardian dogs a group which also includes the Anatolian Shepherd and the Kangal.

Some anatolian shepherds may resemble either the akbash or the kangal and this has led to a controversy surrounding whether the akbash and kangal were bred to create the anatolian shepherd. The Akbashs thick double coat is course and weather resistant and should appear in short to medium length. History Akhbash is an ancient breed its history can be traced back to the first civilizations around the Fertile Crescent.

Ranchers with LGD experience head the list and there are few others. The Akbash is a probable relative of the other great white herd guarders of Europe such as the Komondor Kuvasz Tatra Mountain Sheepdog and even the distant Pyrenean Mountain Dog. 12222016 The large stately and muscular Akbash Dog has been guarding Turkish livestock for more than three thousand years.

Another belief is that this dog was derived from similar breeds in Hungary and Italy. The name Akbash come from the Turkish word akbas. It is mainly used as a livestock guardian dog or shepherd dog.

The white Akbash Dog is a long-legged lean muscular dog of imposing size and strength great courage and stamina with an alert regal bearing. One of the best watchdogs it is part of the Working group of Livestock Guardian Dogs and one of the national dog breeds of Turkey. The Akbash also called the Coban Kopegi the Akbas or Aky is an ancient large to giant dog breed from Turkey dating back from 3000 years ago.

Though its exact origins are unknown the Akbash is believed to date back several thousand. But these dogs are also famously independent stubborn and prone to escape when home life starts to bore them. This working breed requires serious obedie.

Loyal alert and intelligent these pups have some of the best qualities you could ask for. The Akbash whose name in Turkish translates to White head will always appear with a white coat. It was brought to North America in 1970.

If you have a Akbash Dog for sale please advertise it on a reliable website to make sure the Akbash Dog gets to a happy place. The Akbash also called the Coban Kopegi the Akbas or Aky is an ancient large to giant dog breed from Turkey dating back from 3000 years ago. These dogs are definitely not for first-time dog owners families with kids or people who are not extremely active and desiring a dog alongside them.

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