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These dogs have previously been called Scottish Collies but that name has since fallen out of fashion. English Shepherds are truly all-purpose dogs eager to work for their owners in a variety of settings.

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Favored over Collies for their natural intelligence and athleticism the English Shepherd is a close relative of the Australian Shepherd.

English shepherd. They are generally not square in body like an Aussie. Average life span of English Shepherd is about 15 years. It is named this because it comes from the Collies brought from the UK and it has a lot of different names including the American Collie American Herder American Shepherd Barnyard Collie Barnyard Shepherd Cow Dog English Herder Farm Collie Farm.

English Shepherds usually have tails and a less rounded head than many Aussies. Standoffish by nature English Shepherds need extensive exposure to people and to unusual sights and sounds. Height of a male English Shepherd is 18-23 inches and the height of a female English shepherd is also 18-23 inches.

Their intelligent eyes are usually a shade of brown. Part-timer in the sense that once his chores were completed in the meadow he would station himself at the cottage to act as the mistress companion and guardian. Confident with a sense of purpose the English Shepherd is a true all-purpose working breed.

Mind of his own. English Shepherds have succeeded at the highest levels of obedience and agility. English Shepherds are working dogs valued for their versatility loyalty and intelligence.

10222020 English Shepherds descended from Shepherds dogs from southern Scotland and England. English shepherds sometimes called shadow shepherds because of their love for being around their humans are medium-sized dogs with a strong and agile build. I believe that for years this breed was a part-timer to the herdsman or the shepherd.

The coat is medium. 10312019 The English Shepherd is a descendent of Collie type dog-breeds. 7112020 English Shepherds are great working dogs but they also love it best when they are working or playing at your side.

Weight of a male English shepherd is 21-28 Kg and the weight of female English shepherd is 18-23 Kg. They are also related to Border Collies Scotch Collies and Australian Shepherds though English Shepherds were more of a working dog than a show dog like many of their cousins. The English Shepherd is a rare treasure not well-known that deserves so much more recognition and praise.

8162010 Why then is the English Shepherd dog so centered on family and its functions. It is a herding dog breed UKC. This well-balanced medium-size dog is built for speed and agility and his supreme intelligence makes him relatively easy to train.

Old-Fashioned Farm Collies English Shepherds Starlight English Shepherds Farm Collies. Though uncommon there is a possibility that English Shepherds will have blue eyes if. 3302021 The English Shepherd is actually a herding dog bred in the US not England as the name suggests.

An English Shepherd can grow to a size of 18 to 28 inches 46 to 61 cm and weigh anywhere from 35 to 65 pounds 16 to 29 kg. The information on this website provides an overview and introduction to the breed and its history as well as links. The best English Shepherds are versatile working dogs capable of learning a great deal.

1192015 English Shepherd is a medium dog breed. They also make outstanding partners in Search and Rescue and many English Shepherds are certified Therapy Dogs visiting residents in nursing homes and hospitals. Are you looking for that old-style farmdog to help with chores on the homestead keep varmints out of the henhouse and deer out of the garden hold the hogs at bay yet tenderly watch over the children a constant companion content to curl up at your feet at the end of the day.

English Shepherds are never merle as Aussies frequently are. English Shepherds tend to be larger than Border Collies but are most readily distinguished from Border Collies by their very different upright loose-eyed herding style. If you want a dog that is outside pretty much all the time doing their own thing I wouldnt think an English Shepherd is the best fit.

They make wonderful companions and working partners in homes where their intelligence spirit and devotion are understood and appreciated. 852019 The English Shepherd is a medium-sized dog weighing in at around 45-60 pounds when fully grown. They have a history of working on farms but also make companion petsif you can exercise them enough.

They tend to be longer than they are tall by a small margin with long snouts and rounded skulls. Otherwise their natural caution can become suspiciousness or fearfulness which are difficult to live with. English Shepherds have a medium-length coat that can be straight curly or wavy with many different colorations.

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