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Children that have spent time with Golden Retrievers are said to be good with other children and animals. Not only are they are a source of unconditional love but they can help teach responsibility and cooperation.

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The Portuguese Water Dog loves a nice romp in the yard and long playtimes with kids.

Best dogs for kids. Despite their small size Cairns are sturdy and tough and always up for fun and games. 9202012 The Top 5 Dogs That Are Good With Kids. Boston Terriers Labs mutts.

2152020 Theres a reason why these guys usually top the list of best family dogs. From the spitz family theyre very much like their Pomeranian cousin only bigger. Brussels Griffons French Bulldogs and.

In other words they retain the charm and affection of the Pom but have durability to handle kids. 5252021 Best dogs for kids and families to adopt Many breeds make great family dogs but some dogs are more suitable for suburban and farming families than households that live in the city. Best Large Dogs for Kids.

They are super energetic which means a lab will thrive with a family. 10182019 Bull terriers and miniature bull terriers are one of the best dogs for kids that are older in age. 2182021 Not all terriers are good with kids but the Cairn Terrier loves children and will even seek them out specifically.

Golden Retrievers are also active dogs that enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and swimming. They may have a stubborn streak. The American Kennel Club calls.

Tied with the Havanese as the best dog for kids the Shih Tzu is outgoing sweet and can adapt to just about any living situation. 252020 These friendly dog breeds play and live happily with children making them excellent potential family members. Theyre just kind of incredible.

4292020 The Keeshond is an amazing companion for children. As with all dogs kids should be taught to be gentle with Cairns but this breed will typically forgive accidental bumps from children. An adult golden retriever will be around 100 pounds 453 kilograms while a puppy is around 11 pounds 53 kilograms.

When choosing a dog. Its important to know that this is a high-energy breed. Dogs can be great for kids.

2212020 Although the larger standard poodle is probably the best choice for families with children. Again the Tzu can accommodate most of his energy needs by following you around the house or with a quick burst of energy during play. Keeshonds are good-natured dogs with a sweet disposition.

Patient and protective Boxers love human company and are known as one of the best dogs for children. They are sweet beyond belief very protective and very trainable. The Best Dogs For Kids And FamiliesFamily dogs like Beagles Golden Retrievers Labrador Retrievers and Irish Setters are playful and protective.

They are great around children and other pets and do not require much exercise. They are welcoming of everybody except strangers with whom they show aloofness. While this breed isnt exactly a common household namemostly due to their need for regular exercisetheyre actually one of the best dog breeds for active and energetic families with older kids.

Theyre also typically well-mannered with other household pets. 3162020 Nowadays the Portuguese Water Dog is an affectionate household pet that kids will love. Boxers like to run so theyre great companions for jogs or long walks.

The Vizsla has a lively disposition but a gentle manner and is. It is the sturdiest and can withstand more roughhousing than the smaller varieties. Many breeds make wonderful family dogs though some are better suited for suburban and farm families than households living in the.

3262021 Weve compiled 10 of the best dog breeds for families and kids.

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