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Today I am attempting to answer email questions concerning my position regarding Silver Labrador Retrievers. The Truth Behind Silver Labradors Woodhaven Labradors is a breeder of All-Purpose Labrador Retrievers located in Mid-Michigan.

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While some think the unusual color comes from outside the breed these dogs are verified by the AKC as 100 percent Labrador retriever.

Silver labrador. As they are natural born swimmers and retrievers Silver Labs will be happy romping and splashing through water or chasing a tennis ball. Dog food that contains chicken or fish is a good option. They have the stocky build and broad head that Lab owners love so dearly.

Silver Labrador Retrievers are known for their silver coat which is a recessive gene from the Chocolate Labrador Retriever. We love the Labrador breedthey are the most loving and loyal breed around. When considering wet or dry dog food for puppies consider a brand that has higher calcium content to avoid these issues later in life.

Different volunteers work together to rescue misplaced and homeless dogs. You can also view our Chocolate Black or Yellow Labrador Retriever puppies. Silver Lab Ear Problems are very common.

Although many believe the Silver Labrador Retriever isnt a pure breed and pour scorn upon the breeders that produce them you can actually register them as a pedigree in some countries. Before buying a silver lab puppies be sure to check all the standards other than color. They love just about any physical activity and are extremely devoted to pleasing their family.

Silver Labradors are well suited for an active household as they thrive with at least 60 minutes a day of vigorous walking running playing and swimming. In this video I do my best to provide a fair an. Emma pictured at 12 weeks old is a wonderful family pet.

952020 Silver Lab breeders Ontario of 2021 consists of top silver lab breeders having a good reputation across the country. Beyond these two traits they have the same personality and look just like any other Labrador Retriever. Also their Labrador puppies carry clear medical history and high customer satisfaction scores.

Aside from the distinctive colour of their coats a silver Labrador usually looks just like any other Labrador. 7302020 Silver Labs are some of the most playful social and loyal companions you can have. They are famous for producers of pretty Labrador retrievers without any medical illness.

952020 Silver lab rescue and Labrador Retriever Adoption in 2021 Silver Lab Rescue and its adoption procedure is very simple and easy. 4302021 Silver Lab puppy dog food. 8292020 Silver Labs are beautiful slate grey Labrador Retrievers.

Many owners love to combine the two. They are ideally suited to active outdoor loving families with children over five. Because of their size and genetic makeup Silver Labs have a high tendency to develop hip and elbow dysplasia.

Like any Labrador the silver lab loves socializing and spending time with their owners. 12162020 Silver Labradors are known for their beautiful silver coat and striking blue or warm brown eyes. 4192020 Is The Silver Labrador Retriever Recognized As A Pure Breed.

The American Kennel Club allows registration of silver Labradors as chocolate. A genetic quirk and controversial breeding history make this breed different from the three typical Lab colors Black Brown and Yellow. If you do not want to interact with some reputed silver lab breeder do not worry.

The price of Silver Lab Puppies may be a bit higher than the black or chocolate color Labradors because these are rare and selectively bred. Whilst they are very rare they still have the same friendly and happy personality of regular Labs. Labradors can be very bouncy when young so a silver Lab puppy isnt always a great match for toddlers or those unsteady on their feet.

You can adopt a Labrador retriever from any rescue team anytime. Life is never dull with Silver Labs around. If your family is ready for the next perfect companion for your home then purchase your Silver Labrador Retriever puppy today.

1282019 A silver Labrador is exactly what is sounds like a Labrador retriever that has a silver-coloured coat rather than one that is a standard colour black yellow or chocolate. Silver labs were first created by a breeder in the early 80s and were officially recognized as a subset of the chocolate lab breed by the AKC in 1987. 3262019 Silver Labradors make great family dogs.

Member of the LRC Inc and founding member of Huron River LRC The Truth Behind Silver. 9132018 Silver Lab Puppies.

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